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Feasibility analysis and report preparation
Feasibility : the measure of how beneficial or practical the development of an information system will be to an organization.

Feasibility analysis : the process by which feasibility is measured.

The Feasibility analysis is a project that is feasible at one point in time but may become infeasible at a later point in time. Therefore, the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) has to use various go/no-go checkpoints or management reviews. Checkpoints identify specific times during the life cycle when feasibility is reevaluated and management review should be conducted at the end of the prior phase. A project can be canceled or revised in scope, schedule, or budget at any of these checkpoints. In the textbook, there are Feasibility Checkpoints in the Systems Development Life Cycle.

The advance of Checkpoints conducted in the SDLC:
  • At the early stage of the project, it can measure the urgency of the problem and the first-cut estimate of development costs
  • Get experience from each problem observed during Checkpoints analysis.
  • After each Checkpoint a more detailed study of the current system may occur.
  • The analyst can frequently prove more extensive than originally stated. Consequently, the system’s performance would heighten.
  • Considered the solutions before the hardware and software selection impact.
  • Once the final checkpoint is completed, all the complexity of the solution should be apparent.

Four Tests for Feasibility

1. Operational feasibility
-Measure the urgency of the problem or the acceptability of a solution. Aspects of operational feasibility
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  • Is the problem worth solving
  • Will the solution to the problem work
  • Political acceptability
2. Technical feasibility
  • Can only be evaluated after the technical issues are resolved
  • Are the prepared technologies practical?
  • Will the solution to the problem work
  • Do we currently process the necessary technology and time?
3. Schedule feasibility
-Measures the reasonable project timetable.
  • Are the deadlines mandatory or desirable?
  • Scope can change the time (Longer)
  • Careful if mandatory (Scope no change)
  • Missed Schedules are bad, inadequate systems are worse!
  • Are the project deadlines reasonable?

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