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Knowledge Management Consulting
FBSoft® defines Knowledge Management (KM) as: "KM is the process by which information is used to create something actionable." What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management enables organizations to find new ways to readily share both their explicit knowledge (that which is easily codified and stored on-line) and their tacit knowledge (that which is elusive and collectively held in the brains and experiences of employees). The knowledge-aware organization is able to react quickly to external demands, leverage internal resources intelligently, and anticipate external market directions and course changes. This requires fundamental shifts in corporate direction and leadership, but the potential rewards are significant. We, unlike others, differentiate knowledge management from information management and believe that, merely establishing an effective information-management strategy does not embody the knowledge-management initiative.

FBSoft® believes that:
Knowledge should be “not just Information” and “not just data”! It should be available from wherever it is needed, to all those authorized to receive it. (Given mainly Commercial / Intellectual Property Rights) Both Input and Output must be simple.

It should only be entered once - and then kept up to date and relevant to the enterprise. The language should be simple and appropriate.

The Information should always support the Learning Organization. The customer probably hasn't fully thought through all the aspects of developing a Knowledge Strategy, its implications if they do, and its implications if they don't. Five enablers for knowledge creation are:
  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • System
  • Staff
What KM has contributed to FBSoft's® efficiency?

Continuous innovation and creation of new tidbits that is valuable not only for companies but also for associates. Disciplined individuals contributing to administer and manage the evolving knowledge base, leveraging collective wisdom to increase responsiveness and innovation, and knowledge sharing within the organization.

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