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Information Technology (Business) Consulting
Most successful IT initiatives are those that fuse business strategy, technology strategy, and operational needs. Our consultants help clients utilize information technology strategically to impact basis of competition, performance, economics, and value creation. Moreover, our teams provide the business, its customers, and suppliers/partners with more effective technology services.

FBSoft® approach IT strategy and improving IT value by understanding where IT contributes to shareholder value, the IT cost structure, the business value of the asset base (existing investment in technology), the business value of services provided by IT, the business value of planned and in-process investments (projects), how IT demand drives IT costs, and effective structures for delivering and managing IT products and services.

Our IT Business Consulting services encompass a range of activities, including :
  • IT Strategy and Planning
    • IT Strategy: Business/IT strategy through to architectural and organization structures
    • IT Value: IT Investment Portfolio Performance
    • IT Value: Improving the ROI on IT Spend
  • IT Management
    • IT Assessments: Assessing IT performance, Diagnosing IT performance issues
    • Improving IT Effectiveness/IT Transformation: Achieving significant change in IT value through changes in governance, organization structure, targets, vision, processes, skills, HR programs, and other elements
    • IT Cost Containment: Also called "IT Performance Improvement"
  • IT Sourcing
    • IT Outsource Advisory Services: Identifying and assessing outsource opportunities
    • Sourcing IT services and technology
  • IT Merger and Integration
    • IT Due Diligence
    • IT Integration Planning

FBSoft® has a business consultant network which enables us to provide business consulting in all industry verticals.

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