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Inventory Management
VOP's Inventory (stock) Control/Management functions maximizes your benefits for just-in-time (JIT) inventory. The software provides a complete inventory management system for you, controlling inventory. It integrates and increases the functionality of the Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, Purchase Order and Accounts Payable functions. VOP's Inventory Control gives your company a powerful way to satisfy your customers.
  • Offer your customers alternatives for out-of-stock items
  • Identify what your customers want by cross-referencing codes
  • Handle inventory in more than one location
  • Share accurate and up-to-date information with your customers
VOP’s Inventory Control Management gives your business a superior competitive advantage, with easy-to-use analysis tools and flexible reporting capabilities that deliver unparalleled access to information.
  • All your employees have access to the same set of accurate inventory data
  • Your sales staff provides better customer service with access to online inventory data
  • Base important decisions on accurate, up-to-date inventory data
  • React more quickly to changing stock data
  • Instant access on product information (e.g. On Order Quantity, Back Order Quantity, Booked Quantity, In Transit Quantity)
  • Supports inventory and service items
  • Links to manufacturers
  • Supports multiple images per product
  • Unlimited product profiles
  • Supports product keywords
  • Multiple warehouses or locations
  • Warehouse Management
  • Bar Code Printing
  • Price Protection
  • Unlimited price tiers
  • Product Label Designer
  • Allows products to be categorized for sales only
  • Allows products to be categorized for purchase only
  • Display product quantity on warehouse level
  • Put a product on hold at product level or warehouse level
  • Supports a lot number and serial number
  • Manual or auto assigns lot numbers and serial numbers on receipts and shipping orders
  • Supports Average, FIFO and LIFO cost methods
  • Supports default vendor
  • Allows multiple units of measure
  • Supports tax exempt on different taxes
  • Supports link to manufacturer products, customer products, competitor products and vendor products
  • Manage multiple substitutes and substitute for other products in one place
  • Supports multiple price schemes
  • Supports inventory adjustments
  • Supports inventory transfers
  • Integrates Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order and Accounts Payable functions
  • and more...

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