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Project Outsourcing
Outsourcing in today’s world is seen as a strategic management option rather than a just a way to cut costs. It helps achieve the companies their business objectives through operational excellence and an edge in the marketplace.
Resources of the companies need to be focused on core business functions so the non-core functions need to be outsourced.
FBSoft® approach IT strategy and improving IT value by understanding where IT contributes to shareholder value, the IT cost structure, the business value of the asset base (existing investment in technology), the business value of services provided by IT, the business value of planned and in-process investments (projects), how IT demand drives IT costs, and effective structures for delivering and managing IT products and services.

Companies outsource in order to achieve the following benefits:
  • Financial restructuring :
    • Improving the business's financial position while reducing or at least containing costs
  • Core competence :
    • Redirecting the business and IT into core competences.
  • Technology Catalyst :
    • Strengthening resources and flexibility in technology and service to underpin the business strategic direction.
  • Business Innovation :
    • Improving and innovating in processes, skills and technology, while mediating financial risk through the vendor, in order to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Business transition:
    • Facilitating and supporting major organization change.
  • New market:
    • Direct profit generation through joint ventures and vendor partner.

We give you the right combination of people, processes and technology to operate effectively in the Global market place without burdening your time and budget. The availability, outstanding quality, and affordability of our highly skilled tech professionals underline our business advantages.

  • Operating Systems / Platforms
  • Windows2000
  • Linux, Unix
  • Scripting
  • Servlets, JSP, PHP
  • Databases
  • mySQL
  • SQL Server 2000
  • Oracle 8i and above
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Scripting:ASP
  • Languages:Embedded VB & VC++
  • Microsoft.NET:ASP.NET., VB.NET
  • Design Expertise

Graphic Design :
  • Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, ULead Animator etc. Macromedia Range of Products Extensible Mark-up Language

Presentation Layer :

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