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Visual Part Request Managment
An Enterprise level Web Based Order Manager, enabling full visibility and management of product procurement throughout the system.

Introducing cost benefits in the form of reduced product costs, lowered man-hours in process management, increased efficiency, and performance enhancing analytical tools.
nteroperability with legacy systems at any stage of the process. Data feed from and into the system through a virtual interface enables immediate visibility to crucial data, with input into forecasting, budgeting, quality and productivity evaluation systems.

The Problem :
  • Management of data input from various technicians and locations is labor intensive and provides no qualitative performance data.
  • Less control over the parts ordered by technicians, who may shot-gun problems by over ordering or incompatible /wrong part ordering.
  • Fulfilling back ordered products is difficult and labor intensive, as there are no immediate alternative sources for those products, resulting in lower customer satisfaction.
  • Reconciling invoices places a significant burden on accounting, with potential for errors.
  • Price control and product availability with single vendor, while base on pre-negotiated agreements, does not take advantage of competitive bidding process.
  • Burdensome qualitative analysis with limited criteria definitions generated by collecting data from dispersed sources.
  • Time consuming data input and verification throughout the request channel.

The Solution :
  • Web Based Interface with Customizable Control Settings
  • Availability Preview across Multiple Vendors
  • Price Reduction by Reverse Bidding
  • Automated Order Verification to eliminate Incompatible and Wrong Part shipments
  • Automated Vendor Management and History Reports
  • Automated Invoice Management and Reconciliation between Enterprise and Vendor
  • Automated Data Management
  • Priority Vendor Management
  • Automated Back Order Tracking
  • Shipment and RMA tracking tools
  • Multi-Vendor Fulfillment with Price and/or Quantity Priority Management

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